What To Expect

Where do I park?
We have parking on the right side as you face the building. The motel also allows parking on their lot as long as we do not block the dumpster or park in their grass. You can also park in the lot of Skyland Coin and Jewelry.
What do I wear?
Most folks dress up, but not all. Some folks come straight from work or do not own dress clothes and we are just glad to have them. You will be treated with respect and made to feel comfortable regardless of your attire.
What should I expect?
As you enter the sanctuary you will most likely be greeted by a hostess. The hostess can answer any questions concerning restroom locations, seating, etc. You may also be given a guest card. This is so that we can get acquainted with you and put you on our mailing list for future events. If you do not wish to be on mailing list, simply state that on the card. You may also decline to fill the card out if you desire and we will not be offended.
If you enter the building before service time, you will experience pre-service prayer. You may join in or sit reverently in your pew as the others pray.
Service typically begins with congregational singing and we invite you to join in if you desire. The worship is expressive and “lively” but also decent and in order as per Scripture. The preaching of the Word is with emotion, passion, and anointing. It is not uncommon to hear audible shouts of “Amen” from the pew and even people praising the Lord for the Word preached.
If you need prayer, you may tell the greeter or usher so they can communicate that to the pastor. You may also step forward at the conclusion of service as we are praying. We believe one should call for the elders of the church as per James 5:14 if there is a need.
We will be glad to have you visit with us and do our best to make you comfortable. No one will intentionally embarrass you. We love first time guests, but we especially love for you to return so we will do our best to accommodate you. We will also do our best to help you to feel at home.

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