Low Battery?

Battery DeadIt was one of those days. I went to start my car and it wouldn’t start because my key fob battery was low. Throughout the course of the day my phone battery died and I was unable to make or receive calls. I had no charger with me and neither did anyone else nearby.

How many times this has happened lately. I go to use the cordless drill; battery dead. The kids go to ride their 12 volt atv or car; same story.

This is the time of the year when I like to replace my smoke alarm batteries, so I decided to do just that. Guess what? No smoke alarm! Now that’s a problem. Not sure what happened there. Not even sure what that has to do with this post, but if you’ve seen my smoke alarm (uh um.. Brendan, Logan, or Harrison), please return it or tell me where it is.

What about you? How many times do you feel like your battery has ran low? What about today? Why not join us this Tuesday evening at 7:30 for a re-charge? Even if you’re feeling fine, it may not hurt to go ahead and make certain you have a full charge for what may lie ahead.

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you this evening! – Pastor Fox



The Art Of Listening

Man Listening #3I recently found a great sermon and lesson organizer notebook at McKay’s Books in Knoxville, TN. The first pages made the book worth the find. I want to share with you some hints for becoming an effective “active listener” as listed in the book:

  1. Sit toward the front and center of the room. Vision and hearing are better.
  2. Tune in. Listening takes energy.
  3. Avoid distractions such as doorways, window glare and people who may distract you.
  4. Have two pens in case one runs out of ink.
  5. Write the date and topic on the top of your note-page.
  6. Prepare yourself mentally. Ask God to help you listen actively.
  7. Pay attention to the speaker for verbal, postural, and visual clues as to what is important. Repetition often indicates an important point.
  8. Listen to the introduction and write down the overall theme of the talk or sermon. What challenges or questions does the speaker raise?
  9. Be selective. Some points are more important than others. Write down only the main ideas and divide the lesson into key points. Number each point. Use letters or bullet points to highlight sub-points.
  10. Don’t try to write down every word spoken. Concentrate on key words or thoughts and jot down words or phrases, not entire sentences. Write down a two or three word description of illustrations given to highlight key points. Use symbols ( +,=, &,@,w/ (“for with”), etc.
  11. Write scripture references next to key points.
  12. Instead of getting ready to leave immediately at the end of the sermon or lesson, listen carefully to the information given toward the end. Summary statements may be of particular value in highlighting main points.
  13. After the lesson, review you notes and write down applications from the lesson to your life. Learning without application is worse than no learning at all. Once we hear a word from God, we are responsible for that word.
  14. As part of your daily devotional time, re-read the scriptures used as a part of the lesson. Underline or make notations in your Bible’s margin to highlight these scriptures for later reference. Commit to memory one of the key scripture references each week.

– Taken from Family Christian Press, Sermon & Lesson Organizer

Hopefully this will assist you in the “art of listening.” We look forward to seeing you tonight at Bible Study. The church is located at 15540 Lee Highway in between Skyland Coin and Jewelry and Economy Inn. Bible Study starts at 7:30, but you are welcome to join us for pre-service prayer at 7:00.

Today Is A Special Day

Today SpecialMy son was obviously listening more that I thought he was to Sunday’s sermon. He reminded me this morning that “every day is a special day.” The Psalmist said, “This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it” (Ps. 118:24).

What are you going to do to make this day special? One thing you could do is join us for Bible Study this evening at 7:30 P.M. We are located at 15540 Lee Highway which is between Skyland Coin and Jewelry and Economy Inn. If you want to make it extra special, come early for pre-service prayer. Why don’t you join us? Let’s rejoice together!

P.S. – My son is at his grandparents.

Fasting; What Does the Bible Say?

Fasting 101This is probably not the best way to attract a crowd, but if you’re serious about enhancing your walk with God, you won’t want to miss Bible study tomorrow night. We will be studying the subject of fasting from a Biblical standpoint.

Join us Tuesday at Festive Celebrations located at 266 East Main Street in Abingdon, VA. Bible study begins at 7:30, but you are welcome to come a little early to hang out with some really nice people. We look forward to seeing you!

A Beautiful Day in Abingdon

Sunset Abingdon Farm

Everyday is a beautiful day in Abingdon, but Tuesdays are extra special. That is if you are attending Bible study at the Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center. Regardless of what the weather will be doing tomorrow evening, the Son will be shining in room 149 at 7:30 P.M.

We are expecting a great time studying God’s Word, but it will be even more special if you would join us. What a wonderful way to end your day!