Evangelism Seminar

Rev. Roney BettsWe are looking forward to Rev. Rodney Betts of Durham, NC coming to teach on outreach and evangelism this Friday at 7:00 P.M. Bro. Betts is an effective evangelist and has also assisted Pastor Johnny Godair for many years at First Pentecostal Church in Durham, NC. First Pentecostal Church is a growing, revival minded church. Bro. Betts also has experience as a church planter and pastor, involvement with an effective bus ministry, and many other outreach programs. He is a passionate, energetic, and dynamic speaker. You will be encouraged and motivated by his anointed ministry.

This session is designed to help the church to grow and we encourage all members to attend. This will be an enjoyable time together as we hear from someone who has seen results and can help us to do the same. Bring a note pad and pen to take notes. Business casual attire is sufficient as this will be a relaxed setting. Make plans now to join us for this exciting evening together!

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