Enjoy Bible Study With Us!

ben-white-128604We do not believe Bible study¬†has to be¬†boring! It can be an enjoyable time that one actually looks forward to. It don’t have to feel like a hostage situation, but rather a place you want to be.

We laugh. (Sometimes we cry). We learn. We grow. We pray. We love. We care. We listen.

Folks come from various walks of life and all are welcome. Some attend other churches on Sundays, yet join us on Tuesdays to study the Bible. Some claim no church attendance, but enjoy the evening with us. We have attendees that live in nice subdivisions while others live on nice farms. We have some that live in trailer parks and others live in apartment complexes. We have some that live in their car and others wherever they can lay their head. Folks come that we don’t know where they live. They don’t tell us and we are fine with that. We have some that drive over an hour to attend and do that regularly on Tuesdays and Sundays.

I think you get the picture that all are welcome. You don’t have to dress up to come. Some do, but all don’t. Some come straight from work and even come in a little late because of work occasionally. We are just glad they’re with us.

We encourage you to check out our Tuesday evening Bible Study group. It’s a great bunch of folks (sometimes a little bunch and sometimes a little bigger bunch, but always a growing bunch). We meet at 7:30 PM for about an hour or so and have a great time. It would be an even greater time if you would join us. We will be watching for you this Tuesday!

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