Thank You Old Man!

Elderly Man#3“Wisdom is rarely on tap. Most often it comes by the eyedropper or thimbleful in an aside or a remark just as easily missed.”

I’m not sure who said it, but the above statement is so true! I found wisdom in a remark by an elderly gentleman in a Kmart checkout line. I, much younger and newly married, was on a honey-do errand. He had ran several of those no doubt.

That day I was purchasing a vacuum cleaner. It wasn’t JUST that it was a vacuum cleaner, but the 29th vacuum cleaner that we had purchased as a newly married couple (well, maybe a bit of hyperbole there). You see I was raised with a Kirby vacuum cleaner that could suck that shag carpet off the floor! All you need is one vacuum cleaner for life (so I thought). The gentleman said to me in a passing remark and, as I recall, unaware of my present distress; “choose your battles.”

I have applied that in many situations since (though maybe not enough) and it has saved me grief. So, to the unknown gentleman that was a Godsend to me, thank you! I had no doubt heard that wise saying before, but it resonated with me on that particular day and has many times since.

Certainly it is true what Job said; “With the ancient is wisdom; and in length of days understanding” (Job 12:12).

One more thing….
If my dear wife calls and wants me to stop on the way home today and pick up a vacuum cleaner (it will be our 113th), I will without hesitation get the vacuum cleaner. It’s just a vacuum cleaner!


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