Which Way Are You Running?

Running (Shoes)I will run the way of thy commandments….
(Psalm 119:32)

The instructions found in the Bible are more than merely suggestions, but they are indeed the commandments of the Lord. Many can identify with ten, but the other Scriptures are not to be wasted pages and ink. They too are mandates for us to follow. When followed, our life will have meaning and purpose that otherwise we would not know.

The Word of God gives us direction.¬†It is a lamp to our feet and a light to our pathway (Ps. 119:105). In uncertain times, we can find certainty in the pages of God’s Word. How many times we have been confused about what to do and then go to the house of the Lord and find clear answers and direction form God’s Word. It truly does light the path we are to follow.

So my question for us in this simple, yet important devotional blog post today is this, which way are you running? The psalmist said, “I will run the way of thy commandments.” Are you running the way He has instructed you in His Word or are you running away from the commandments of the Lord?

The word “run” shows haste, passion, swiftness. It does not speak of hesitancy or reluctance, but one who is ready and willing to obey God’s Word. That’s the way I desire to be. When I read the Bible or hear the Word preached, I don’t want to resist it, but submit myself to it and obey it.

Please read and consider prayerfully the following passages in your personal devotional prayer time today:

  • Psalms 1:1-6
  • Psalms 19:7-11
  • Psalms 119:30-36

Thanks for reading and may your day be blessed!

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