Bring A Friend

Bring a Friend #2Tuesday evening Bible Study is a great place to bring a friend and also to make new friends. There’s something special about enjoying the Word of God with people you care about. If you have a co-worker, neighbor, family member, or anyone you care about and you’ve never invited them to share a Tuesday Bible Study with you, why not today?

If you are new to this blog and unfamiliar with anyone who may attend this Bible Study, don’t allow that to stop you from being a part of a very special evening. You will find a friendly group of folks who will make you feel very welcome and comfortable while we enjoy the Word of the Lord together. It’s a good place to be refreshed and encouraged after a busy day. Please come and be among friends this evening. We will begin at 7:30, but the doors will open at 7:00 for those who can come early to pray. We look forward to being with you!

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