Suffering Series

Lady Crying #1 (Suffering Series)I realize it doesn’t sound like an appealing title. I mean, who wants to hear about suffering? The fact is, suffering is a part of life and all of us either have faced it, we are dealing with it now, or it is coming our way.

We will begin a new series this Tuesday night that we believe will benefit everyone no matter your current lot in life. If you are currently facing tough times, this lesson is for you. If everything is going exactly as you would have it to go, this lesson is still for you. You can store it away for a later date, or use it to help someone else.

With God’s help and leading, we will attempt through this series to deal with many of the difficulties of life. If you’ve been challenged with sickness (either your own or someone you care about), loneliness, death, divorce, family struggles, or a multiplicity of troubles, these lessons will prove beneficial and you will not want to miss any of them. We believe through these, you can get help to conquer or cope with your situations.

Make plans to join us this Tuesday at 7:30 P.M. for a time of encouragement and direction from the Word of God. If you know someone who is struggling with life, ask them to join you. Let’s find strength from the pages of God’s Word!





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