Why I Am Pro-Christmas

christmas-and-familyLet me begin with a few words that come to mind: Savior. Laughter. Love. Family. Fun. Music. Now give me a few minutes to present in detail my elementary exegesis.

1. Whether they like it or not, because of all of the “commercialization” of Christmas, the world has to stop and recognize Jesus’ birth. Even secular radio stations play songs declaring a Savior’s birth. You have sinners walking down the mall singing about a baby born to save the world. That doesn’t make them righteous, but I have to wonder if it at least makes them think.

2. Christmas is pro-family. At least that’s been my experience. In this age when family is under attack, this rates on the positive.  My personal memories are family, friends, and food. I recall visits to loved ones’ homes. The gatherings, games, laughter, cousins playing.  I remember friends and family alike stopping by for surprise visits because they were in for the holidays or just had a couple of days off work which allowed them the time to do so.

3. I also remember church events that created so many fond memories. The special services when the church family would get together. It was a big deal that would carry over until after the New Year. Those were good memories. Those were God-honoring services. They were also opportunities for sinners to have an “excuse” to come to church.

4. Allow me to digress and reveal my “carnal nature” as some might accuse. Christmas brings out the kid in all of us. We have to grow up way too soon and never return to the innocence and splendor of childhood. Christmas, in some ways, allows us to do that. Maybe because it somehow takes us back by way of memory to those simpler times. Maybe it’s the sparkle in a child’s eye. Forgive me, but maybe it’s the wonder, the excitement, the surprise of opening that gift you’ve been eyeing wrapped so neatly for so long. The lights, the fun music, the Christmas caroling. Oh joy to the world! I get excited just thinking about it!

Do I agree with everything about Christmas? Do I agree that the commercialization plays on our emotions to cause us to overspend? It can if we lack temperance, but that is our own personal issue. If we allow the Scripture to be our guide by following the financial management and stewardship principles in the Word of God, this will not be the case. I do think the pros outweigh the cons by far.

Your experience may be different than mine. You may disagree with me and I respect that. I’d welcome your thoughts and perspective on the subject. I may or may not publish them, but will at least consider them.

Please stay tuned to the blog as we may have more posts concerning this season. We will also be posting some special dates for you to be aware of.

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