Something’s Cooking

cookingI said prior to Sunday that something was brewing in reference to feeling direction for Sunday’s service. Today I will tell you that “something’s cooking” to make the same point. Although I am currently away with my family for the Thanksgiving Holiday, my mind and my heart is not on vacation. I have been seeking God in your behalf and I do feel a particular direction for this coming Sunday.

I trust you will do everything in your power to beĀ in church with us this weekend. If you even think you may be sick, go ahead and get a flu shot, take Pepto-Bismol, capsulated faith, whatever. If you “shop ’til you drop” on Black Friday, pick yourself up on Saturday so that you can be in church on Sunday. We need everyone there for this service if at all possible. While that is said somewhat tongue in cheek, I really do feel I have a word from the Lord that will help set direction for the church collectively, and at the same time help some folks individually in their walk with the Lord.

I will be out of town for Tuesday evening Bible Study, but I trust you all will have a great time. I also hope each of you have a Happy Thanksgiving this Thursday. We look forward to being back with you all on Sunday afternoon at 2:00.

Pastor Fox

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