fruitfulLast Tuesday we began a lesson series entitled “Fruitful” and we are looking forward to┬áPart 2 of that series tonight. Scripture is clear that it is certainly the will of God that we are productive Christians. We will not truly be fulfilled and neither will God be pleased with less.

As I recall, our Lord cursed the fig tree for not being productive while it was producing leaves (Mark 11:12-14). Typically when there were leaves on a fig tree, there would be figs. The tree was advertising to be something it was not. The Bible also bears out that we would know a tree by the fruit it produces (Matt. 7:20). An apple tree will not produce bananas. As Christians, our words and deeds must match. We need to be a light in a dark world. We need to make a difference in our generation. We can with God’s help. We get that help from His Word and through spending time with Him. We are not good nor can we produce any good within ourselves. God wants to help us because He desires you and I to be fruitful.

Won’t you join us this evening as we continue this important series from the Word of God? Let’s study together. Let’s fellowship together. Let’s pray together. We look forward to spending a portion of our evening with you.

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