fruitfulLast Tuesday we began a lesson series entitled “Fruitful” and we are looking forward to Part 2 of that series tonight. Scripture is clear that it is certainly the will of God that we are productive Christians. We will not truly be fulfilled and neither will God be pleased with less.

As I recall, our Lord cursed the fig tree for not being productive while it was producing leaves (Mark 11:12-14). Typically when there were leaves on a fig tree, there would be figs. The tree was advertising to be something it was not. The Bible also bears out that we would know a tree by the fruit it produces (Matt. 7:20). An apple tree will not produce bananas. As Christians, our words and deeds must match. We need to be a light in a dark world. We need to make a difference in our generation. We can with God’s help. We get that help from His Word and through spending time with Him. We are not good nor can we produce any good within ourselves. God wants to help us because He desires you and I to be fruitful.

Won’t you join us this evening as we continue this important series from the Word of God? Let’s study together. Let’s fellowship together. Let’s pray together. We look forward to spending a portion of our evening with you.

The Cross

the-cross-1We have been pursuing a theme entitled, “The Cross” and this Sunday, “Lord willing”,  or “if the Lord tarries”, or “if the creek don’t rise” we will continue the sermon series (although I’m more concerned with the first than the latter because it doesn’t matter if the creek rises, if the Lord is willing, we will continue anyway).

Anyway, enough of the jargon (gibberish, balderdash, flummery), you will not want to miss this Sunday because it’s not going to be no mumbo jumbo. We’re not just gonna blather. We have a topic of the utmost importance. It is relevant. It is applicable to each of our lives. It is interesting. It is valuable. And we could go on and on. And we will tomorrow (well not on and on ((unless the Lord is willing):-).

Ok, enough of the chit chat for tonight for fear if I continue to go on I will talk you out of attending tomorrow and I certainly would not want to do that for this would not be a good representation of what you will hear tomorrow.

With all that said (which was entirely too much said), I hope to see you tomorrow (Sunday) at 2:00. We are located at 15540 Lee Highway in between Skyland Coin and Jewelry and Economy Inn (I hope you know where those places are. If not, put the address in your navigational system (GPS) and if you don’t have one of those, ask Siri). If our parking lot is full (we hope so), either of these businesses encourage you to park in their paved lots (aren’t they nice?).

Community Bible Study

Bible Study GroupExciting. Engaging. Enlightening. Those are just a few words that describe how we feel about the Community Bible Study taking place on Tuesdays at 7:30 P.M. We think you will enjoy being a part of a group of people from different walks of life coming together to learn more about the Bible.

You don’t have to wear our label to come. You don’t have to wear a particular style of clothes to come. You don’t have to drive a certain kind of car to come. You don’t have to live on a certain side of town to come.

You are welcome to attend this time of fellowship in the Word of God with us. You will find friendly, caring folks that simply have a hunger to know more about God and His Word. We want to reach out to our community and make it a better place. We want to get to know you and give you opportunity to meet others.

Please join us this Tuesday evening at 7:30 to study the Word of God together. You are welcome to come early to pray together. Doors will be open at 7:00. The Bible Study typically lasts about an hour so you could be on your way home by 8:30 P.M. That’s less time than we give to things of far less importance, and the advantages are worth far more than the time and effort we invest in coming.

The Community Bible Study will be held at 15540 Lee Highway in between Skyland Coin and Jewelry and Economy Inn. You are encouraged by these businesses to use either of their paved parking lots if our lot is full. You are also welcome to pull wherever you can find a place in our front lawn if you prefer a really close spot.

We are looking forward to seeing you. Call a friend and ask them to join you!

A Message from the Pastor

ImportatntIf you are a member of The Apostolics of Abingdon or have any interest in what’s happening with us, I urge you to be in attendance during this Sunday’s service. I feel like I have something to share with each of you that will help set some direction for us at this juncture.

If you know of anyone that is interested in who we are or what we are about, please invite them to attend with you. Previous guests are encouraged to attend as well.

Sunday’s Word and Worship begins at 2:00, but you are welcome to join us at 1:30 for pre-service prayer. We are conveniently located on Lee Highway in between Economy Inn and Skyland Coin and Jewelry. If our parking lot is full, both of these businesses welcome you to park in their paved parking lots. You may also park in our front lawn if you prefer much closer parking.

We are expecting a great time of fellowship and worship and hope you will make plans to be with us. We look forward to seeing you!