Get Them Here!

Push, Pull, or DragWhatever you’ve got to do, let’s get folks to the house of God for Revival this week. If you must push, pull, or drag them here, do it! If you must promise them dinner, do it! If you need to go pick them up and give them a ride, by all means give them a ride.

We will be having special services Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at 7:30 P.M. nightly. Bro. Jonathan Dudley will be our guest preacher for this revival, and we are going to be blessed. We want others to share in those blessings!

We have an advertising campaign in progress consisting of newspaper, radio, and best of all; word of mouth. We are praying, fasting, and believing God for a heaven-sent revival.

Please take a moment today and make a list of all those you could invite to this revival. After you make your list, pray your list, and then work your list. You can call, text, and visit folks to invite them to be a part of something very special. Now, don’t let me hold you up any longer. Go ahead and get started.

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