Bible Study!!!

Excited GirlYes! To all of the grammar critics, the exclamation marks should be in the title! By all means! I mean, come on! It’s Tuesday and that means there is Bible Study tonight!

Exclamation marks are to show a forceful way of speaking or a strong feeling (according to An exclamation mark shows excitement and I am excited about Bible Study tonight!

I hope you plan on coming. It starts at 7:30, but will be preceded by pre-service prayer at 7:00 and you are welcome to join us then if you’d like. We are located at 15540 Lee Highway in between Skyland Coin and Jewelry and Economy Inn. Both of these businesses invite you to use their paved lots for parking if our lot is full. (Our lot doesn’t actually have to be full, you may just like their lot better than ours. That’s okay, we are not that easily offended.)

We have plenty of parking, plenty of seating, and plenty of love. You will find plenty of mercy, plenty of grace, plenty of help and healing in the presence of the Lord. We look forward to being with you this evening! (Oops! Did it again without thinking! I just couldn’t help it when I thought about being with you I automatically put an exclamation mark.)

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