Plowed Parking Lot (Bulldozer)We are looking forward to a great time in Bible Study Tuesday evening and trust that everyone will be able to make it out. The temperature has warmed up which is helping the snow to melt. Temps are predicted to stay above freezing until long after we will be home for service so it will be a good night to join us.

The parking lot is cleared as well as the entrance to the church. If our lot is full (we hope it is), Economy Inn has volunteered to let us park in theirs. This paved lot adjoins the church property and should be convenient parking for everyone. They only request that we do not block the dumpster.

Please join us as we open our Bibles and our hearts and study the Word of God together. Bible Study begins at 7:30, but you are welcome to join us for pre-service prayer at 7:00. We look forward to seeing you!


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