Turn The Water Off

Outside Water FaucetI think it was around the fifth paragraph of the last post I was reminded of a story I heard about the legendary I.H. Terry. I suppose it would help to know more of this man’s reputation and characteristics to really appreciate the story, but there is a lesson to be learned nonetheless.

Bro. Vaughn Morton tells the story of a time when he was with Bro. Terry and they walked around the house and discovered that someone had left the water spigot (spicket for us country folk and faucet for you city folk) on. Bro. Terry was obviously upset and rightfully so. The water had apparently been running for quite some time. Bro. Terry said “Oh no! Someone left the water spicket on and I think I know who it was.” I can only imagine the expression on Bro.  Morton’s face as he awaited the next words or move. Bro. Terry proceeded to say “You know what I’m gonna do?” To which Bro. Morton was thinking something to the effect of  “only God knows cause there’s a lot you’re capable of doing.” In classic I.H. Terry style he said; “I’m gonna turn the water off.”

He then gave the lesson that only he could give with his homespun wisdom. He said, “I know who done it and I could really let him have it. I could really mess up his day (Bro. Morton is probably thinking; “his week”).” Bro. Terry continued his lesson of what good would all that do if he could just walk over there and turn the water off?

I learned another valuable lesson from an elderly gentleman that goes right along with that one. This was from a man that I do not even know his name, but I hope to never forget the lesson. It’s been several years now and I could take you to the spot where I gained this insight. I had not been married too long and my wife asked me to go to the store for her. I was trying to take care of my “honey-do” list and possibly this gentleman was doing the same (I don’t remember all the details but the lesson was caught). Somehow the gentleman and I struck up a conversation while standing in the check-out line. It was brief, but the words from that elderly man were poignant. He said to me, “You’ve got to choose your battles.” Now I know that’s not original to him, but it’s a valuable lesson.

Some things just aren’t worth fussing about. There’s no sense in messing up someone else’s day or week. No sense in damaging relationships and your character. You are bigger than that. Just turn the water off!

That’s my words of wisdom for today. They’re not original to me of course but certainly words worth sharing. If lived out, they will make your life so much sweeter. And mine. Have a great day!

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