The Grass Is Greener Here

Grass Is Greener (Cow)Ok, so for a moment I felt like Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. In the notable children’s book, from the moment Alexander wakes up things do not seem to go his way. As he gets up, he realizes that the chewing gum that was in his mouth the night before had ended up in his hair. He then tripped on a skateboard and dropped his sweater in a sink while the water was running. At breakfast his brothers got really cool prizes out of the cereal boxes and all he got was cereal.

On the way to school he did not get a window seat. once at school, his teacher did not like his project, kids make fun of him and he did not get any dessert in his lunch! Things continue to get worse throughout the day and once at home he is served lima beans for dinner. He despises lima beans!

Well, enough about Alexander. You want to hear about my day? I didn’t think so, so here goes. I woke up (that was the toughest part about the day so far) and the sweatshirt (yes sweatshirt – we are trying to keep it simple around my house to give the Mrs. a break until the new little guy gets here) that was purchased for me as a gift last Christmas and was too large is now nearly too small. I was going to take some things to the car (which would be one of three trips) and the garage door would not open. It’s pouring the rain and all of the umbrellas are in the cars (who needs them in the house when you have a garage right? – just agree!) I will have to go the LONG way around since I can’t go through the garage. As I make my first trip to the car, I notice that my foot feels really wet. I go back in and check it out and my shoe is split all the way across and soaking in all the water. I change socks and shoes and keep telling my wife how I am running late (I really cannot stand to run late) as if she has anything to do with it (Well, not this time!).

Anyway, I get to work and see that folks are pulling in and are going to need me to unlock the door to let them in out of the rain (it used to bother me even more when I was not the first one there – not as much now – you just have to do the best you can and not stress EVERYTHING) Anyway, (enough of the parenthesis already!) I go the other way around the building to try to beat them and slam the breaks on to stop and my coffee (the first and only cup I have for the day – I usually bring some with me, but I didn’t have time today!) dumps out into the console (good thing I love the smell of coffee).

I attempt to get the mess cleaned up with the napkins I can scramble up (always ask for extra napkins ((and Starbucks has great napkins)). Meanwhile people are looking at me because I am the one that is suppose to be already there with doors unlocked, lights on, heat on, etc. So! I get out of my car (and this is where I had to make some right choices) and for a moment (a brief moment) I felt the influence of an uncle or the “old man” (the one dead in trespasses and sins) or the evil one or something whisper to me. You know what I did? I ignored the voice, old man, and influence. I gently closed the door, did my little smile and wave, ( I think I may have did the little sigh & head shake too) unlocked the door and went to work.

I choose to have a good day. I choose not to make everyone else’s day miserable because of a couple of mishaps. I choose to laugh about it (laughter is cheap medicine). I choose to give God glory. This is the day that the Lord has made; I will rejoice and be glad in it.

Alexander wanted to move to Australia to escape his problems. The deal is there are problems in Australia (and California, Florida, Canada (now if you knew my Canadian friends – you’d think that’s not true, but they’ve somehow learned a valuable lesson and they focus on the good stuff) too. It rains there too. Their garage doors mess up. Their shoes wear out. They get cereal without prizes occasionally. You get the point.

Some always think the grass is greener on the other side. It could be and it could be because they water it. If you want a better marriage – water it. If you want your job to be better – water it. If you want a relationship to improve – invest in it.

My day is already better after I stopped to breathe, say a prayer, and make some choices. I’m not gonna waste this day with negativity. I’m gonna enjoy it. I won’t get this day ever again. I’m gonna help someone else. I’m gonna water the grass here cause I sure don’t want to move to Australia. I’m gonna work on a plan to lose weight cause I sure like this sweatshirt!


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