Balance (Stone Scale)It’s a word that conjures up questions for clarity when some clergy members mention it. It has been overused and even abused yet something so needed in the hour in which we live. It’s difficult at times to maintain or even attain unto. Balance is no doubt an area in which we could all use some assistance.

God in His Word has much to say about this all important subject. He is a God of balance.

We will take a scriptural look at this word and attempt through God’s help to even the scales.¬†We want to be a balanced church. We need balance in the home. We need help balancing all of the responsibilities and pleasures of life. God is able to give us that needed help.

Won’t you join us tonight as we begin this very important and relative series? Bible Study begins at 7:30 with pre-service prayer at 7:00. We look forward to seeing you!

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