Call Me Old Fashioned

Old Time ReligionCall me old fashioned. I like church to look like church. Don’t get me wrong, I like the conveniences of the modern church. I appreciate indoor plumbing (not that there was ever a time when I personally was without it). I really enjoy air condition in the Summer and heat in the Winter from a fire that I didn’t have to build.

I’m not talking about the edifice necessarily. I just like to know when I walk in that it’s a church. I like a podium and not a pub table and stool. I don’t care for fog and dimmed lights. That resembles too close to a bar-room/nightclub appearance for me.

I like church to sound like church. I can enjoy Christian music on a wide scale. Southern gospel, black gospel, some contemporary gospel, SOME bluegrass gospel. The key word is “gospel.” I really enjoy songs with a message. I don’t want to have to listen for several minutes to determine if it’s Christian or secular. This deserves a post (or message, or both) of its own, but it disturbs me that some of our younger crowd doesn’t know the lyrics or even the tune to songs such as “All In Him” or “At Calvary.” Songs such as “I See A Crimson Stream Of Blood” were born in a prayer closet and power packed with meaning. Ok, enough of that (for today). Suffice it to say, fast or slow. Twang or soul. I like a message in the music.

I like preaching to sound like preaching. Not a comedy show. Not a motivational speech. Give me solid Bible preaching. Style is not the issue. Fast or slow doesn’t matter. You can tell it or yell it, but give me the truth. I sincerely appreciate plain (as in clear), anointed, Bible preaching that will save my soul.

I believe a church ought to act like the church even when they’re not at church. The church ought to be the church. At home. On the job. At the beach. In rush hour traffic (ouch!) In the restaurant (when the waiter or waitress messes up your order).

It’s my sincere belief that people ought to love one another. As the family of God, we should exemplify what a family ought to be. We should tolerate and even appreciate our differences. If someone is weeping, we weep with them. If they get a new house or automobile, we should rejoice with them. If they are sick, we should pray for them. If they are struggling or troubled, we should encourage them.

I trust I haven’t come across too strong concerning my opinion. Some of you are getting to know us simply by this blog and that’s probably unfair for both of us so why don’t you just join me in church. Where church still looks like church, sounds like church, and oh yeah; feels like church!

We are easy to locate. You can find us at 15540 Lee Highway in between Economy Inn and Skyland Coin.  Service begins at 2:00 P.M. on Sunday and Bible Study starts at 7:30 P.M. on Tuesday. Pre-service prayer begins 30 minutes prior to services. We may be considered old fashioned, but we love God, we love His Word, and we love people. Come see us!

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