You Are Welcome Here

You Are Welcome HereMaybe you’ve contemplated it for a while, but something has been holding you back. The fear of the unknown. Afraid you won’t be accepted. Fearful you will be put on the spot. Questions prevail. What will I wear? Where will I sit? How long will it last?

Let me ease your mind a bit. We are a small group with a big heart. When you come, you will find warmth, acceptance, love, and genuineness.

We are made up of people from various locations and walks of life. You will find folks who have come from various denominations or no religious affiliation whatsoever. What we do have is a hunger for truth more than tradition. We desire relationship more than religion. If you are searching for something more than what you have experienced, this might be the place and this just may be the time.

Why don’t you just give it a try?¬†We meet at Festive Celebrations (266 E. Main St) in downtown Abingdon. Sunday service begins at 2:00 P.M. although folks do come early for pre-service prayer and because we are so excited to get there. Sit where you want and participate at the level you are comfortable. We look forward to seeing you!

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