Keys to Effective Praying

Skeleton Keys on RingWe have begun a new series entitled Teach Us To Pray┬ábased upon Luke 11:1. There are several “keys” or key components to praying effectively found in the Bible and we want to discover them with God’s help. This is proving to be a special study for anyone interested in enhancing their relationship with Jesus Christ regardless of denominational affiliation or lack thereof.

No matter where you are on your journey with God; whether you are a seasoned Christian, a new convert, or you have never began a relationship with Jesus Christ all of us can learn more about prayer. We invite you to come along with us as we look into the Word of God together and study this very important, yet exciting subject. We believe it’s going to be an enjoyable and enlightening study. Come join us. Check the events tab at the top of the page for meeting times and locations near you!


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