Storms of Life

LighthouseStorms are inevitable. They are an unavoidable part of life. No doubt you may be reading this and going through a storm of your own. It could be turmoil in your marriage, trouble with your children, financial difficulty, failing health, failing grades, or a myriad of other things taxing your mind and troubling your spirit. The fact is life can just be tough sometimes.

I heard an elder minister say one time “Be nice to everyone, because everyone is having a tough time.” The waitress who seemed a bit unfriendly; you never know what troubles she left at home. The boss who seemed a bit demanding; could it be he is facing enormous pressure from corporate? The co-worker that seemed indifferent; it’s possible she is dealing with insurmountable difficulties.

Ailing parents, troubled teens, marital infidelity, too much month at the end of the money. If it’s not you, it’s your neighbor. It’s the storms of life. You are probably going through one or just coming out of it. Stop and think about those around you. Someone you know may be facing tough situations right now. That someone may be you.

It is good to know that when you are facing the storms of life there is a place you can turn. There is a lighthouse. There is an anchor. There is hope! Experience it Tuesday night as we meet for prayer and Bible study at Festive Celebrations located at 266 East Main Street in Abingdon, VA. We start at 7:30 P.M. although you can come a few minutes early and enjoy a cup of coffee and fellowship with friendly folks.

We believe you can find the help you need during this difficult time. We will pray for you, offer you words of hope and encouragement, and watch God either speak peace to the raging waters or steady you until the storm passes by.


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