Dads Who Are There

Father's Day (Holding dad's hand)This coming Sunday, June 15th, is Father’s Day. We want to say “Happy Father’s Day” to all the dads that may be reading this post. How encouraging it is to see Christian fathers that are adhering to the Scripture in Ephesians 6:4; “And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.” Dads that are leading their children in serving the Lord. In a world of absentee fatherhood, it’s refreshing to see dads involved in the lives of their children.

This society seems to be attempting to make the family (as God recognizes family) nearly obsolete. Since 1960, we’ve tripled the number of children living in fatherless homes, from 8 million to 24 million. Terms such as “internet parenting” and “virtual dads” as well as “virtual visits” are making their way into our society. Being a “dad” at a distance is becoming far too easy.

Let me interject to say we understand that there are those circumstances where bad decisions were made either by you or another in which you are left with no choice but to parent from a distance. If that be the case, do your best to influence in a positive way using every opportunity available. I know of a good man who, because of circumstances beyond his control, went through a divorce. I once heard him say that he “raised his children by remote control.” He provided for them, took them to church when he had them, and instilled Godly principles every chance he got. He had to make it a priority, but he saw his children make the choice to serve the Lord and have a loving relationship with both their natural and Heavenly Father.

Let me encourage the fathers who may be reading this to spend time with your child. Moments matter. You may not have a lot of material things to offer them, but you have something far more valuable and that is time. Go to their school events. Play a game with them. Pray with them. Laugh with them. Cry with them. Talk with them. Hug them. Be there for them.

One father overheard the conversation of a group of young boys during Parent’s Day at school. One stated, “My daddy is a doctor, and he makes lots of money, and we have a swimming pool.” Another said, “My daddy is a lawyer and advises the president.” Another said, “My daddy owns a company, and we have our own airplane.” The dad dropped his head as it came time for his son to speak. Then he heard his son proudly say as he looked at him, “My daddy is here!”

What an impact we can make in the life of a child by merely being there for them and with them. Why not start today and make this Father’s Day weekend the beginning of a new resolution to give your child something special; time! Don’t let me hold you up any longer. Go on, they’re waiting on you.

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