Good (God) Things are Happening in Abingdon, VA

For some time we have felt a gravitating pull from the Spirit toward the beautiful town of Abingdon, VA. Nestled in the mountains of Washington county, Abingdon is the crown jewel that glistens among the other gems ( Approximately 15 miles from Bristol, VA/Bristol, TN it is the county seat and designated as a historic landmark. Known for her old town beauty, local shops, eateries, and outdoor recreation, Abingdon is the perfect retreat from a world that is rushing at break-neck speeds to nowhere. It is within a couple of hours drive to Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg, Wild & Wonderful West Virginia, or Asheville, NC. The area is known for the famous Barter Theater, the stately Martha Washington Inn, and outdoor recreation.

What is the greatest treasure, however, is what has been taking place in recent days. We began with an outreach service at the Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center ( on October 4th. That first service we had around sixty people with us worshipping the Lord. Since then, we have been meeting on Tuesdays at the SWVHEC for Bible study. Our pattern for this is found in Acts 2:42. We begin with a time of prayer, food, and fellowship then a study of the doctrine together. There is a definite touch of God that rests upon the group that meets together there.

We recently had a Thanksgiving social where we had twenty-seven in attendance. Pastor Blankenship was with us that night and commented about the unity that was felt among the group that is meeting there regularly. During that event, there was a lady that testified about being prayed for during a recent worship service. She said that she had been on medication for Osteoporosis for six years. After prayer, she returned to the doctor and he took her off of all of her medicine.

Good things are continually happening and folks are excited and believing to see the group continue to grow. God is showing His favor to hungry hearts and we are believing for greater things. Please keep this endeavor on your hearts and if you know anyone in the area that would be interested in coming to a Bible study or worship service, please let us know or share this contact information with them.

We will be posting upcoming events on this blog as well as sharing the good news from recent happenings. Please log this site in under your favorites so that you can stay informed as to what is taking place and be a part of this work through your prayers. We value our friends and those who are supporting us in our attempt to see lives transformed for the glory of God.

8 thoughts on “Good (God) Things are Happening in Abingdon, VA

  1. I am so thankful to read the reports of what God is doing in Abingdon, through the tireless efforts of Bro. & Sis. Fox. Please know we are praying for you all daily. If you live in the Abingdon area, you OWE IT TO YOURSELF to check this out. You will never regret it!

    This is the churches finest hour.

    • Thank you my friend! Knowing the life you live and your love for truth, it means much to me to have you praying for us. God Bless!

  2. This bible study has forever changed my life! Come enjoy God’s word and fellowship with His people! Thanks to God and His servants, I will be baptized in Jesus name this Sunday!

    • Roby – We are so excited to see what God is doing in your life and looking to the future with great expectations. Can’t wait ’til Sunday!

  3. Wonderful report! If I lived any where near Abingdon, VA I would be in attendance at this Bible study. We have great respect for the Fox family.

    • Thank you Bishop Dudley for your kind compliment and the confidence you have placed in us. You are an elder that we esteem very highly. May God bless you!

  4. What inspiring news…from afar (Kansas) we share in the excitement. What an opportunity to get in on the grassroots’ level of what will be the most impacting Bible study Abingdon has seen yet. Our regards to the Fox’s and this new assembly.

    • Thank you and God bless you Pastor Dudley. We are encouraged to know good men like yourself are supporting us in prayer. May God continue to bless Wichita with revival!

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